LinkedIn currently has nearly 50 million members worldwide.

Is your next client among them?

Your company (agency, web design business, SEO/SEM/PPC consultancy) can use LinkedIn to build awareness, develop new relationships, and amp-up word-of-mouth referrals. Here are some basic tips:

1. Remember, people interact with other people. Even if you have a great company page on LinkedIn, you need to select someone at your company to serve as the company’s LinkedIn brand voice.

2. Your summary needs to capture the reader’s attention immediately. Highlight ways in which you’ve helped businesses grow; be specific.

3. Commit at least 15 minutes each day to engage with your LinkedIn community. Like, comment on, or share content that relates to your brand or business. Hone in on the types of businesses you’d like to do more business with and connect with decision-makers who work there. Send a personal note explaining why you want to connect. But, if they accept, do NOT follow-up with a direct sales message. LinkedIn, like other social sites, is a place to cultivate relationships — not to pitch or cold call. Your objective is to establish yourself as an expert and a trusted advisor; someone other professionals want to do business with.

4. Ask your raving fan clients and happy employees (and ex-employees who left on good terms) for recommendations.

5. Use the articles section as your blogging platform and re-purpose your own content there to increase your viewership.

6. When you or your business is mentioned in the news, adds a new service or employee, or wins an award, be sure to share on LinkedIn. You want your prospects to know that you’re continuously working to expand your skills and capabilities.

7. Speaking of media…when you read about a target company in the news that’s a good time to reach out to decision-makers, congratulate them on accomplishments and/or ask an insightful question about their strategy to get an online conversation going.

8. When you meet professionals at conferences or other events, connect with them on LinkedIn afterwards — while the meeting is still fresh in both of your minds.

9. As on all other social media, video, compelling images, and powerful images draw readers in. Vision is more powerful than all other senses. Once a week, view your profile through the client’s eyes and be sure that your content reinforces your professional image as a person or team  on top of trends, skillful, service-oriented, and easy to work with.

The LinkedIn algorithm weeds out posts that are overly sales-y and posts are even reviewed by humans to understand trends. Analyze your own results over time, but most importantremember the social in social media. The purpose of online communities is not just to attract eyeballs to connect with other people who have common interests and might be just the types of prospects you’re looking for long-term.

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