This week’s roundup, includes tips to gauge the success of your Social Media Marketing efforts, optimize landing pages for high Conversions, and use CRM for delivering a better customer service.

Learn how to improve the performance of your Content Marketing programs, and outrank your competitors in Local Search. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Andrew McLoughlin from Colibri Digital shares five actionable UX tips for mobile sites.
  • Lindsay Paige Rush of Laughing Samurai touches on the importance of data aggregators.
  • John Surdakowski of Avex Designs discusses how fashion brands can leverage content marketing for brand awareness.

Content Marketing:

  • Scott Dubow emphasizes the need for using a compelling headline along with photos, infographics and videos to improve the performance of Content Marketing programs.
  • Learn why it is imperative to have Content Optimization as a part of your Content strategy, from Kyle Harper’s blog.
  • Phil Frost draws special attention to the basics of an audience focused Content strategy.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Andrew McLoughlin discusses why it is important to ask for referrals and deliver the right value propositions, for increasing the sales of your business.
  • Learn how strategies such as simplifying your navigation menu and including an Email subscription form can optimize landing pages for high Conversions, from Ashley Kimler’s blog.
  • Jason Bayless draws special attention to advanced CRO tactics that can help marketers grow or sustain their businesses.
  • Ian Pearson offers succinct tips to improve your website’s appearance that in turn can increase Conversions.
  • Follow the landing page optimization tips from Richard Aviles to achieve higher Conversion rates.


  • Matthew Cook offers helpful tips for marketers to easily implement CRM, when they build their sales teams.
  • Learn how to use CRM for delivering a better customer service, from Susan J. Owens’s blog.

Email Marketing:

  • Learn how to write Emails in a manner that would prompt people to open, read and respond, from Courtney Wachob’s blog.
  • Angela Hausman emphasizes the need to have strong mobile content for improving the performance of your Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Molly Gibson Kirby presents the best practices to help marketers optimize their Email Marketing programs.

Local Optimization:

  • Debra Murphy discusses how Local SEO strategies, such as creating Localized content for your website and obtaining online reviews from customers, can help businesses outrank competitors.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Follow the valuable tips from Christopher Hendrickson to load Mobile websites within a time duration of one second.

Reputation Management:

  • Breanna La Liberte highlights why it is imperative to adopt a proactive and holistic approach, for improving the Online Reputation of your website.
  • Juntae Delane stresses the need for setting realistic timelines and focusing on the creation of good content, to enhance your Online Reputation Management efforts.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Learn how to build your brand and improve your SEO, from Craig McBreen’s blog.
  • Jobin John’s blog provides SEO tips for improving your website’s popularity.
  • Robyn Kyberd draws special attention to strategies that can help marketers take their SEO efforts to a new high.
  • Masha Maksimava offers guidance to help marketers increase Organic traffic from Bing and Yahoo by 35%.

Social Optimization:

  • Sonika Srivastava discusses how setting Social Media Marketing goals and engaging with your audience are imperative for your Social Media strategy in the year 2018.
  • Learn how Social Media can work in conjunction with SEO to bring more visitors to your website, from Levi Flint’s blog.
  • Kimi Miller draws special attention to the metrics that are important for gauging the success of your Social Media Marketing efforts.


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