Stephen Colbert backs the NBA walkout, explains why he didn't watch RNC's third day

Though he’s been covering it all week, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert didn’t watch the third night of the RNC — and while he’s aware he “didn’t do his job,” he couldn’t be happier with his choice.

“Right now in America, we’re facing a global pandemic that has killed 180,000, heavily armed Rambo wannabees are murdering people in our streets, the strongest hurricane in the history of the Gulf Coast is making landfall as I speak, and the RNC’s message is: ‘Who’s up for four more years?'” 

Colbert put it plainly in his frustrated monologue on Wednesday, while mapping out a string of the Trump administration’s ethically problematic, self-indulgent, and law-violating moves, and then criticising the RNC’s blatant fear-mongering strategy (something Trevor Noah also pointed out). Read more…

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