Guess no one wants a life of accidentally activating Amazon’s Alexa.

The name Alexa has declined in popularity for newborns since the AI voice assistant debuted in 2015, as detailed in a blog post by University of Maryland sociologist Phillip Cohen.

In 2016, the name experienced a 21.3 percent drop, then followed with a 19.5 percent fall in 2017, according to data Cohen obtained from the Social Security Administration

Last year, 3,883 babies were named Alexa compared to 6,050 in 2015.

Folks: Very sad to say this about a popular tweet, but I’m wrong. I accidentally copied the number for Alexandria (1238 births) instead of Alexa (3833), so instead of .66 per 1000, Alexa is actually at 2.0 per 1000, and the drop was only 20% this year. Sorry! Shame me. Corrected:

— Philip N Cohen (@familyunequal) May 11, 2018 Read more…

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