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Your goals are simple, but the tools and strategies to achieve them…not so much. 2018 will be the year that buyer-focused marketing methodologies truly take off and prove a big point: if you are stuck in a traditional SEO mindset while failing to evolve with the updates and changes made to the various platforms you use, your messaging will fall on deaf ears.

The best inbound marketing agencies stay current on platform and software updates, as well as various trends paramount to successfully adjusting highly customized strategies that focus on how a brand’s customers engage with their products and services. Here are three new game-changers to be aware of as you continue to evolve your marketing strategies.

1. Facebook Messenger Can Add People to Calls in Progress

Facebook Messenger has a new feature that allows users to invite others to calls already in progress. Before this feature was added, one had to end a call and restart it again in order to add other people. Now audio and video calls have an “add person” icon that, when tapped, you can select who you wish to invite and that person will be added to the call in progress.

When it comes to spreading brand awareness, educating your consumer audience, and funneling them to a high-conversion landing page, Facebook Messenger’s ability to add others to calls can allow your delighted customers to spread your word. For example, let’s say you are holding a product demonstration call with newly converted customers. These buyers can invite friends, family, and others from their niche social group to listen in while discovering more about your products.

Doing this directly from Facebook is beneficial because conversion rates are traditionally higher if you can keep people contained to the product’s platform as opposed to leading them away from all the buzz to reconnect through other conferencing software solutions.

2. Twitter and Marketing Automation

If you use marketing automation software, and Twitter is one of our biggest platforms for spreading the word, you will want to take notice of the new rules due to take effect on March 23, 2018. In order to put a crackdown on malicious activity, Twitter is making changes to its API that will limit a user’s ability to share the same and similar content from multiple accounts. It will also crack down on the same content being automated from the same account. The specific policies to come into effect include the following:

  • Applications and servers must deny users the ability to simultaneously perform actions like Retweets, follows and Likes from multiple accounts.
  • Applications and servers must deny users the ability to post identical or nearly identical content to multiple accounts.
  • Applications and servers must stop users from using any form of automation, including scheduling, to post identical or near-identical content.

TweetDeck is one of the most popular automated tools that work with Twitter. In due time users won’t be able to select multiple accounts to perform actions like following, Retweeting, Tweeting and liking.

If marketing automation through Twitter is responsible for bringing in a healthy chunk of sales, you will need to re approach the way you engage people in this channel. Inbound marketing services rooted in organic strategies are widely successful because the methodology creates workflows that unite the right audiences with the right content. You may want to explore this service before your Twitter reach is limited.

3. Snapchat and Access to Audience Analytics

Do you get a sizable amount of business from Snapchat? If so, you will want to make sure you get access to the platform’s audience analytics. In order to see your data you must become part of Snapchat’s Official Stories program–having a verified account that is limited to those with large audience followings. Prior to this, the only way users had access to any data was to look at their story before it expired to see how many views it captured. Now, users can log story views, discover where the traffic is coming from, discover the viewer’s age, breakdown their sex, and much more.

These Snapchat insights can help brands increase their reach, grow their revenue. The more you know about your audience, the better you can customize content that resonates with their buyer pains.

2018’s Buyers Want Personalized Information on Products and Services

We already know that mobile technology advancements have made it easier for consumers to do on-the-spot research before making a purchase. Now with smart home technology, chatbots, RankBrain and an emphasis on semantic search, finding ways to make personal and customized connections with buyers is paramount to your growth. If you rely on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to fuel a significant margin of your sales, you will want to take these considerations into account and modify your general strategy so it aligns with platform updates and the consumer mentality of 2018.

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